soooo like……i dunno, i feel so lost when i’m disconnected from my higher self. like i really need to make contact with my spirit guides or get in the astral plane cuz i can tell i need to when i feel like smoking by myself or doing something that i think will make me happier.

i reeeeeeeeeally wanna fall in love with someone. like i’m still so fixated on russell brand   he’s just so perfect for me & i wanna find someone just like him. part of manifesting things into your life is to feel like you already own it, and so you have to act like it’s already in your life. 

getting a bigger bed, making room for another person helps to actualize it into your reality. you can think things and have them actualize themselves though its quicker to do things like for ex. join a group if you want to make new friends 

the biggest pain in the ass of being a girl is dealing with pubic hair, specifically the removal of it. take a razor to it? you’re gonna regret that within the next few days. wax? painful. #howmanytimesdoIhavetotellyougoaway

i could honestly watch 70s show on repeat for eternity 

no such thing as a black accent you ignorant fool

you already know i had to call him out on that

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omg so like today and these past couple of days have been crazy 

for my birthday i rented a hotel at the hilton in ft lauderdale where i’m from and all my old friends from like elementary/the 3 high schools i went to/ foster care, all came thru it was easily one of the best night of my life i’m not even kidding, got 4 noise complaints and eventually 4 security gaurds and the manager came up and was like ok everyone has to go so we’re all walking down to the beach (it’s literally right on the beach) and all of a sudden there’s two people fucking in plain sight in the hallway!! 4 ppl recording and shit i should send one of those vids to world star hip hop cuz that shit crayyyyyyyyy

and thennn christine and i went to the mall the next day and i got these really cute dark navy blue high waisted shorts with a 3 inch zipper in the of the bell hop guys at the hilton invited me to go to get some drinks and so we went and got food and ended up at off the hookah. was cray cuz 2 ppl that came to my party were there coincidentally and we turnd the fvck up again 

on the way home my entire legs were hurting and the bell hop dude who was driving started massaging my thigh and i was like ummmmmm #hellsyeah. he also gave me my friends pants that was left in the room haha

i got home at like 4 and had to wake up at 6 to drive my aunt to get her facelift in coral gables. it was cool though cuz it was in this building where level 2 was whole foods and level 6 was where she got her surgery done so she’s like take my credit card and by yourself a vegan cake while you wait ummmmm #hellsyeah

fell asleep in the car for like a couple hours and woke up drenched in sweat lmao then drove home and took her jag to the store to get chicken noodle soup for her.. did some hw and ended up going out to space that night with olddddddd friends and got like 3 free drinks and kissed all the boys who bought me a drink except my firend i went with cuz likee it’s different…lol…on the way home in the car i’m like sitting in the back seat and they took off my boots and started to kiss and rub my feet i was like ummmmm #hellsyeah

cuz i’m a 22 yr old princess they said i don’t have to kiss boys who buy me drink s and theyre right. oh and i kissed a girl and iliked it. it seemed only logical to do so, as she came as a guest of a friend i invited to my party 2 days before and she gave me $20 as a bday present?! like so random i was like ummmmm #hellsyeah

then i had to wake up early again to drive my aunt to her doctors to change her bandages and girl i was like can u take a look at my nose i wanna get it done loll and he was like really frickin cute and my aunt said i was flirting with him hahaaaaa

thennnn i came home and took a nap cuz i was soooo tired and then my mom got really mad cuz i told her i was gonna see her but i slept instead and my cousin jeff and her gf came over to like “Celebrate my bday” but we couldn’t do anything cuz like amy can’t go out in public looking like a hot bandaged mess

so his gf and i just sat and talked about astral projection and aliens and other cool stuff like traveling and our incredible dislike for insects. totally forgot to like check to see if i had hw and i DID so i wrote my paper real fast and took a quiz and my babe of a friend invited me to go to a strip club where her fav rapper was performing 

i ate really fast and took a shower and did my hair (was looking on POInt btw) wore my aunts black peplum top and the shorts i bought at the mall and my fav black helled boots and we ended up just staying at her friends house, smoking, drinking, and getting coked up lmaooo 

and the guys were like yo i’m not gonna lie you’re fvcking sexy and i was like whattt #thanks and the girls were like omg i love u and i was like me too

omg it’s 5 am and i’m supposed to wake up in 4 hours to go to church with my dad and then spend the entire day with my mom lmaooooo #lezzzzdothis

coke is soooooo overrated